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Gothic Mecca
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ellymeri [userpic]

Cyber Monday Sale! 12am-12pm EST use coupon code CyberMonday2011 for 11% off of your total before shipping!

Check it all out here!


ellymeri [userpic]

Gorgeous Steampunk Bustle skirt!

You can see it on my etsy page!

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ellymeri [userpic]

This gorgeous bustle overskirt is made of blue and black plaid fabric that has a wonderful drape, and is accented with black fringe.

You can see it on my etsy page!

ellymeri [userpic]

Last week I designed a Bustle skirt.I used one of the vintage fabrics I've been holding onto for awhile. The color is a really nice lilac.

You can see details in my etsy listing.

Steampunk Victorian Bustle


Steampunk Victorian Bustle Skirt

DearBitsy [userpic]

Meet my newest creation, Gordon!!!  He, some zombies, and some more creepy cuteness are all available on my Etsy Shop, Dear Bitsy

redguard [userpic]

Call for submissions: Absent Cause #5 – Dangerous Gifts

 Absent Cause
zine was established in 2008 as a venue for people from myriad cultures and selves, pushed to the outskirts and into the underground, to find each other, draw connections between their experiences, and gain strength for their struggles.

The term “Dangerous Gifts” is usually associated with the special contributions of people with mental illness / variance. But there are many kinds of dangerous gifts we experience and share: the person who chooses to wear a veil as an expression of culture or religion; gender or gender-less expression outside the male-female binary; being a fat person, a hairy grrrl, or having other physical characteristics outside mainstream acceptance; existing as a survivor in a social system that celebrates abuse and war; the choice to confront capitalism, racism, patriarchy and heteronormativity in a culture of submission; and so much more.

Absent Cause is seeking submissions on your experience of “Dangerous Gifts” for the forthcoming issue. Artwork, comix, photography, essays, poems, and SHORT fiction are welcome.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 30, 2011.

Explore the dark side with Absent Cause:
Underground cultures and hidden histories; feminist, gender-variant and queer sexualities, chosen families and radical politics; vampirism, the gothic, horror and the macabre; surviving abuse, coping with mental illness/dangerous gifts, self-harm and suicide.

redguard / Greg
redguard at gmail dot com


I'm a student moving away to university soon and I desperately need money, but I'm also looking to de-clutter my life and help myself live up to the more Nomadic lifestyle ideals I've always admired. What that really translates into, of course, is a sale. So. Though it does hurt me, I'm parting ways with the things I no longer need. Please take a look if you can spare a moment!


1. I will ship to the US and Canada.
2. I can't cover the cost of shipping, but I can promise to make it as cheap for you as possible (unless you ask me not to)!
3. I have a camera, but it is incredibly broken. If you absolutely need a photograph of anything, I will do my best, but in all honesty it will probably not be very good at all. I recommend Aeclectic if you'd like to see any of my Tarot decks closely. :)
4. To order, ask a question, or just tell me I'm pretty ( ;D ) send me a message on LJ, or e-mail me at yummybish AT gmail DOT com.


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I will include a little incense grab-bag with every purchase just to say thank you! If there's any scents you absolutely can't stand, tell me and I'll make sure not to include them. :)

**Any purchase of $50 or more will get some sort of special bonus!**

DearBitsy [userpic]

Hello!  I love making these scary little demons! There are many other things in my etsy shop like these!  Please take a look and help out a starving art student!  If you would like a little guy like them, but a different color or anything, please let me know on etsy.  I do make custom orders for $30 for a roughly 8x8 handmade creature!



dergraf666 [userpic]

Каков твой фетиш?  

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Интересный текст на тему фетиш БДСМ - frida-bergstrem.livejournal.com/84068.html

photo by - Anton Grachev
model - Frida frida_bergstrem 
style & MUA by - Frida


Official site -  www.fridafreak.ru

dergraf666 [userpic]

Лесная Ведьма

 Люди смеются в глаза лесной ведьме. Безобразное лицо. Корявые пальцы. Призрак, вселяющий ужас. Внешность обманчива... Легко ли разглядеть красоту в чудовище? Люди скажут, что это невозможно, а ты стань человеком и попробуй... Хрупкая душа под личиной урода. Она плачет, скрывая глаза от солнца. Пытаясь подарить свою любовь, которая никому не нужна. Потому что её блеска не видно глазами. Узнаёшь ли себя в зеркале глаз лесной ведьмы?

 People are laughing calling her a forest witch. Ugly face. Crooked hands. She is haunting people like a scary ghost. Appearances are deceptive... Can you see the beauty in the beast? People say it`s impossible. Become a real human and try to do it... Fragile soul. Monster in disguise. She cries and hides her eyes from the sun. Trying to give her love. Useless love... Because it`s shine it is not visible. Do you recognize yourself in a mirror of eyes of a wood witch?

photo by - Coma Blair
model - Frida frida_bergstrem 
MUA by - Coma Blair
costume & outfit by - Frida
video by - Sergey (C_File) crackedfile

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